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Our ultimate goal is to help restaurant owners bring in more customers and achieve their goals. For the past 17 years, we've dedicated ourselves to providing intuitive, affordable marketing solutions that you won't find anywhere else.

About Us

Restaurant Database Services was founded in 2001 to offer restaurateurs a survival tool for use in the highly competitive food service market. Our founders believe in supporting restaurateurs and working with them as a team to build their business on a day-to-day basis.

Our company is staffed by a team of marketing experts who know how to bring guests back more often and with larger parties. The biggest restaurant marketing opportunities revolve around knowing and communicating with your customers, and we'll help you take advantage of that.

Protected Data & Privacy

We're dedicated to protecting any and all information you share with us. Your database is wholly your own, and we never share it with other vendors. We do not sell or rent guest contact information to anyone, under any circumstances.

We also go above and beyond to protect your guests' personal information. Our computer network is protected from viruses, attacks, hackers, power failure, or acts of nature. At no time is any of our data accessible to anyone through the public internet or other wide-area networks.