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Value-Added With Our Food Service Marketing

Marketing your business can be confusing and even downright stressful. When you're struggling to drive new business, Restaurant Database Services is here to help with your food service marketing. Through our cutting-edge program, we take over real marketing tasks so you can focus on running your business.

How It Works

With our program, your staff will collect information through comment cards, which customers will receive at the end of their meal. This information can include data about how customers heard about your restaurant or what areas your customers are coming from. That information goes into our database, which we use to send out an initial thank you card, along with: 

This service is available for an affordable monthly fee plus postage.

City Oyster graph on our restaurant marketing service in Boca Raton, FL. Rocco's Boca Raton chart on their direct restaurant marketing in Boca Raton, FL.
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Why Choose Us?

For a restaurant card and email marketing system like this to work, you need efficient protocols in place to consistently communicate with your guests. The time and workforce required to organize the data and send the mailings require a full-time commitment, so outsourcing makes sense. Our marketing experts have the tools, strategies, and consistency you need to succeed. When you work with us, you get:

  • A 500% ROI
  • New Patrons
  • A Lifetime of Guests
  • More Guests Returning with Larger Parties
  • More Guests on Off-Peak Nights
  • Email Strategies That Work
  • Ongoing Campaign Tracking, Analysis & Reporting

Mail & Email Marketing

Our success lies not only in our flexibility and experience but also in our innovative approach to restaurant marketing. By combining email blasts with postcards, we reach far more potential customers, giving you the complete coverage to offer your customers restaurant special promotions.

Well-Maintained Databases

After one year, 30% of the emails in your database are no longer valid. This number increases to 50% at the two-year mark. What's more, less than 50% of your customers have a valid email address, and less than 40% have one at all. With this in mind, we work tirelessly to keep our database as current as possible at all times with our food service marketing program.