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Restaurant Marketing Services

According to a recent, nationwide study, each of your guests has the potential to refer 52 additional guests. On every given night, 62% of the people in your restaurant are there due to word-of-mouth referrals; why not make them your salespeople? With our help and restaurant marketing services your guests will become your biggest asset as a restaurant owner. Figuring out how to leverage that into profit can be tricky and that's where our restaurant marketing experts come in with our loyalty program. 

We offer a turnkey restaurant marketing services program targeted directly to your customer base. The only thing you need to do is communicate with your guests. Thank them for their visit, ask them to bring friends, and acknowledge birthdays and anniversaries. We'll handle everything else with our loyalty program while you focus on keeping customers happy.

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Guaranteed 500%
Return on Investment

Jerry Kaye, The loyalty guy, and our restaurant marketing program in Boca Raton, FL.

About Us

Our ongoing analysis shows that word-of-mouth advertising is the number-one reason that customers frequent particular restaurants. That's why, at Restaurant Database Services, our restaurant marketing experts offer a one-of-a-kind loyalty program that helps restaurant owners get the most out of their customer base.

We understand that small business owners don't always have the resources to afford expensive TV, radio, or billboard advertising. That's why we've developed a permission-based marketing system that enables you to boost foot traffic and build profit without breaking the bank with our direct marketing for restaurants.

Our restaurant marketing services offer a loyalty program is all about communication and building long-term relationships with your customers. Simply gather guest data with our convenient comment cards, and we'll systematically mail out invitations and special promotions — both through traditional mail and email blasts — to the customers in your database.

Our Mission

A large, well-managed database of guests will become your single most valuable asset, best investment, and biggest source of lifetime income.

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Big Time Restaurant Group

Client Testimonials

"Big Time Restaurant Group has been a client of RDS since 2002. RDS has proven themselves to be indispensable in our continuing efforts in expanding and utilizing our in-house guest database. We currently use RDS in 6 of our restaurants that are located throughout Palm Beach County, Broward County Florida and New York. They have effectively helped us expand and manage our databases at all of our locations. RDS has always responded quickly when using our databases for a new promotion. 

Whether we're mailing postcards or emailing a promotion, RDS always gets the job done quickly and at a very competitive price. We highly recommend RDS to any company considering developing a database or utilizing a direct mail marketing program."

- Todd Herbst, Co-Owner, Big Time Restaurant Group